Text it out.

Soon mobile friendly!


If you experience slow game performance:

Press "Merge" (This deletes undo history).

Remove Blur effect. (Not a problem after merging though).


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Found this via the facebook group-- thanks for the post, I may use it for class ;D

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Thanks, buddy! Really means a lot! I am working on update where you don't have to merge every few clicks or after long holds but rather have limited undos (like 10 or so) and it merges itself every click so you don't have to bother for anything but only 10 undos... You can click 1000 times now and undo it, that would not be possible then so I am still deciding things. Also I am going to fix some undo issues today, since it is not working very propely in some occasions. As well as soon it will be for mobile as well.